My Cloud Atlas Concept

From womb to tomb, we are bound to others.” This is one of the lines I remember from the movie Cloud Atlas. The main concept of the movie is about reincarnation. The immortality of the soul and how our actions in this life influence the next life we are to have; that we are bound to the same souls from our previous lives.

Whilst watching this movie, I have come to an analogy from widely recognized beliefs as premises:

What you sow, so shall you reap.
~ I understand this as a universal sense of justice. If I had to put it more bluntly I would say, “If I cannot get revenge, someone will.” It is what most helpless people believe in or should I say most self-righteous, self-proclaimed religious devotees and naïve people would say. It is in a sense, crude to me. It defeats the purpose of actions speaking louder than words. This concept only gives birth to corruption and abuse of power.

Life is unfair.
~ I believe this to be that evil is the ruling force on earth. Mainly because I think there is more corruption than philanthropy. This is the bitter reality that despairs all men; with the cliché of a truth that “I don’t deserve this” persona is so malignant that it has all the power to abandon hope. When we compare ourselves to someone with a different stature, indeed it is already unfair in the first place because each possession has its own set of complications. But how are men born with more privileges than others? And how do deprived men acquire such privileges without having to work for them?

Therefore I conclude:
~ that our destiny is determined by how much luck we have. I have realized that hard work is nothing but a lifeguard, something to keep us afloat amidst the chaos brought about by society with which the ruling party is the master that enslaves us all. Freedom is not truly within our grasp unless we embrace what and where we are in society and discard envious predicaments leading to malicious gain.

Karma is nothing but a concept to console the grieving, to make it easier to move on, to accept misfortune. What I would like is to enrich my life through the eyes of my kin so that they will have the power to shape and define their own; until the next lifetimes ahead.


Godless Times

Although the universe is vast and seemingly limitless, it is still too small for its ruler. After god filled the universe with life for his own amusement, he often felt a certain kind of emptiness like a lone child yearning for some attention. The Greeks wrote the mythology of the gods or so what they thought about celestial beings at that time. They compared him to Zeus who as the king of the gods created man for their love to feed the immortality of his kind. God think they are not too far from the reality for he has created the beings that surround him to hasten the passing of time for eternity seems painful.

The idea of a higher being came about when humankind was not able to grasp a part of their existence. They always felt that something divine is at work whenever a notable event happened in their lives. Anything that cannot be explained during their time was always pointed to god. Believed to be all knowing and the architect of everything, man was wrong to assume that god intervened with their daily lives. He made many things, tried to see the effects of mixing elements and events every once in a while in a century and let man take credit for it but that was it. God only watched most of the time and let man’s own free will evolve and discover the things he already put in place for them. Whenever they falter, he lets nature’s wrath bring out the best in them. Terrorism is man’s own doing, they give in too easily in the devil that god unleashed to balance their existence.

God watched the things he created to grow, humankind most of all. It eased the pain inside him for millions of millennia but a few centuries ago, he felt the emotion well up inside him from the capacity of humans to love, hate and destroy the things around them. Some wished to freeze time during their happiest moments and there are those who do not want to let go of the thing that reminded them of that happiness while in deep sorrow. Then it occurred to him, why not take a moment from eternity and live it.

God made sure that there is enough advancement in the future millennia for the inhabitants of the universe to discover. Since then, he has lived a few lives. God was once rich then poor the next. He was even a popular persona in history and discovered a few of the greatest ideas he set through the course of human evolution.

In this lifetime, god chose to be born in a common society. He does not have any recollection of who he was or what he is. God have equipped himself with whit and absurd thinking from what is norm so that he has an interest in life itself to avoid taking it and most especially be intrigued by death. He has problems the same problems as his neighbours. He comes from a family that stands united when the skies are clear and breaks easily on a gust of wind. He may have suffered abuse as a child but survived it by picking the right friends. God made sure he is brilliant but with scarce resources, to be easily tempted but knows when and how to get out, to achieve his dream in such an early age and yet struggle to keep it. He has a family of his own that shares his dream and reflects his ideals. He is as much as anyone who rides public transport on their way to work, spends time with their family on weekends, loves street foods, and enjoys the free treats that life has to offer.

What if this is the truth and these are Godless times? How will you respond with the idea of knowing or having met god?

I hope I am wrong for I fear of living inside my own idea and that no one I love will survive my immortality.

Why I Run

Life is like a race, some short and others long. You can only get as far as the goal you have set yourself to attain. Otherwise, you will end up thinking that your life had no meaning, no purpose, and the drowning thoughts of self-pity shall put you into a standstill. So how far have you gone?

At around high school, I have decided what I wanted to be when I get older. I have dreamt of a richer life, an easy life but what I wanted most was to become a loving husband and the best Dad. I am now a proud achiever of both but keeping it together is even harder than I thought. I think stage 1 was my worst when I get to scream a lot from little things that irritated me like tools that were not where I left them. That was when I had little sleep, fewer coins in my pocket and maybe because my wife and kids are trying to fit in a small apartment, which was all I can afford.

Stage 2 was quite unbearable too. It was when my wife started working again and we had lesser time to spend with each other. We were adjusting to the thought of spending time with people we work with. We were jealous and controlling of each other. It drifted us apart for a moment in a pool of tears. The children were there to save us and we were able to grow and become stronger for the trials that lay ahead. We are now less angry and more understanding. We still have shallow pockets yet we manage to survive.

Stage 3 is all about the bills that piles up like dirt on the countertop before we can even notice it. The stress of working in an office setting with different types of people for more than five years is taking its toll on us. If not only for the means of providing for my family, I would have it the other way and live a simpler life. But the metropolis is like a drug, she got us hooked from the very moment we set our eyes on her. The plan now is to lessen the things we do not need like shaving those extra fat to lose weight.

I do not need to lose weight in case you might think that this is the reason why I run. I run because it is not like life that needs nurturing but rather only a part of life that emulates life itself. In running I only have a few goals at most making it less complicated like staying fit and healthy, setting a personal record or even trying to beat someone else’s time. But the most important thing in running a race is to be able to finish it. Just like life, it has a start and a finish but this one I can triumph within a day and enjoy to my heart’s content. Just like the stages in my life, running portrays all of them in the form of road surface, elevation, terrain, weather conditions, water supply, the gear I am wearing and even the pain that surges my body during and after the race. Being able to conquer all of these conditions and cross the finish line gives me the hope that everything will be all right. Some have doubted, a few never believed and there are those who never gave an ounce of support and yet I have overcome each race. I will keep on running for as long as my family is with me as a reminder that I will be able to get them to where they need to be and that when I cross that finish line, I have made them proud.

The Root Of All Evil

Naive seems to be a difficult word to explain. The definition itself is quite confusing. My high school English teacher once compared it with the words “innocence” and “ignorance.” He put it this way; innocence is for children, ignorance is the lack of knowledge, and being naive is pretending to be ignorant or in other words looking the other way. Most if not all of us are very much naive in many ways. It is the attitude that has kept us blinded by a many things and taken advantage by the people who know better. It is the attitude that led us to believe to the point of addiction.

The expression “Money is the root of all evil” is commonly misquoted for a passage in the bible that says “The love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Timothy 6:10). Money is like guns, they are just objects. I quote a line I once heard in a movie, “guns don’t kill people; people kill people.” It is the same concept that would apply with money. It is our deepest desires that enable us to do evil. Thus, we have always been capable of terrible things. Our humanity helps us from containing the evil force that is always whispering and trying to get out. What we can do is cage it by the emotion we get from what are most dear to us. They can be our family but I am most certain that they are our friends. Family can be our friends but is does not mean that they are. All I am saying is surround yourself with people who sincerely love you and love them back. Having as many friends as possible is not the same as having true friends. There is a big difference between quantity and quality. One can show his soul to as many people as he permits but only a few can touch it and save it from damnation. Evil will always be within us, lurking and ready to take over and it is because of this that man is the root of all evil. But we are also equipped with the power to prevent and nurture such as love and compassion to help us keep it hidden within the deepest recesses of our hearts.

Innocent Remarks At Home # 002

Aleci: Daddy, I am Top 1 in our class!
Daddy: Yeah I know, I am the one who received your report cards.
Abrelle: You’re only Top 1? I am higher than you, I am Top 3 in our class!
Aleci: Eeeeee… Grrrrrr… we’re not counting here from 1 to 10 you know!
Daddy: ^_^ (What can I say, I am proud of my girls!)

Innocent Remarks At Home # 001

Aleci: Daddy, is it not a woman with a husband called Mrs and a single woman called Miss?
Daddy: Yes baby, that is correct!
Abrelle: What about Ma’am?
Aleci: That’s what you call a pregnant woman!

The Princess And The Things

When I was a kid, I was fond of reading fairytales. I had an entire bookshelf of fairytale collection and various educational books. I am a slow reader not because I have low comprehension skills but rather because I would like to visualize what the book was describing and often imagine an entire scene for a few seconds with all its magic. I would completely immerse myself into the story that I temporarily escape from reality. Up until now, it will take me ages to finish a novel but for novels that were adapted into movies, I have better imagination on what is happening. A series of novels that I have read are The Lord of the Rings: A Hobbit’s Tale, Harry Potter Series and the Twilight Series. I recently read and watched the novel The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. However, it never occurred to me to write my own version of a fairytale. Well my eldest daughter did and man it was a blast. At the age of six (an age when I was barely able to count from one to ten and hardly read even a letter from the alphabet), she was able to create her own short fairytale and getting the most of the grammar correct. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The Princess And The Things

The Story

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